Yvonne Grünwald –

Trailer Chanson-Revue

from the classic-program: Claudio Monteverdi – Pur ti miro.

from the classic-program: G.F.Händel – Ombra mai fu.

The Trio

Yvonne Grünwald (accordion)
Teresa Hoerl (vocals/ soprano)
Christophe Villa (vocals/ countertenor)

The ensemble’s repertoire shows great diversity which includes aria and duets from opera and operetta,Kunstlieder (artsongs) and the style of Chansons.

Because of the variety of the singers voices and the different sounds of the accordion they are able to interpret every era of music.

Currently the trio is performing their program of the Chanson-Revue called ” Drei in einer großen Stadt ” at venues all over Berlin. The show features chansons and lyrics that originally come from Germany and France. While watching the spectacle one can expect lively dancing and entertainment as well as scenic moments.

more informations:

Yo me llamo Virginio” – Duet: Virginia (Christophe Villa) with Visita (Teresa Hoerl) by Zarzuela “El Bateo” Federico Chueca (1846 – 1908):

La vie en rose” by Édith Piaf (vocals: Christophe Villa):

Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus” by Comédian Harmonists. (lead vocals: Christophe Villa, Mr. Krause: Teresa Hoerl):